Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More layoffs announced! 3/25 protest planned

Five (non-HUCTW) union members at the Sackler museum have been notified they will be laid off. Their last day at work will be June 30. This is likely just the beginning of another wave of destructive, unnecessary job cuts by Harvard. According to the clerical union leadership, there are about 340 (7%) fewer staff members in HUCTW jobs than there were a year ago. Activists in my local will not accept the loss of more union jobs!

Today HUCTW members in the No Layoffs Campaign met to discuss the situation. We set a tentative date of Thursday March 25 at 5 p.m. for our next public demonstration (barring any unforeseen conflicts). We are eager to do joint work with all who are interested to build for this action. We plan aggressive flyering and outreach leading up to the event.

The No Layoffs Campaign is sticking to our clear demands: No layoffs, no furloughs, rehire the laid-off workers. Today we talked about the need to say publicly to Harvard: Open your books! Prove that these hurtful cuts are somehow needed to ensure the viability of the richest university anywhere.

FAS "Slims" Budget

Though FAS Slims Down Budget, Work Lies Ahead
Alumni donations and improved financial markets help FAS close deficit

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences has reduced its deficit to $80 million, signifying a drop that FAS Dean Michael D. Smith credited at yesterday’s Faculty meeting to alumni donations, improvements in the international financial market, and last year’s cost-cutting measures.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Harvard received over $600 million in gifts in 2009

Gifts to Major Colleges Decline

Donations to American colleges and universities fell nearly 12 percent during the fiscal year ending last June, the steepest decline in fundraising since the mid-1970s and a direct result of the recent recession, according to a report released by the Council for Aid to Education yesterday.
Charitable giving to Harvard beat the national average, declining eight percent for a total of $602 million in donations.