Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sign the Petition!

The Student Labor Action Movement (SLAM) has created an online petition. Please follow this link ( and sign it! Here is the text:

Don't forget - Thursday, April 16, 4pm-6pm No Layoffs Rally at Holyoke Center in Harvard Square!

Petition Against Layoffs at Harvard

We, the undersigned, are concerned with Harvard University’s response to the economic crisis. We recognize that Harvard confronts a difficult challenge with a significant drop in the endowment announced in November 2008. However, Harvard remains the wealthiest university and one of the wealthiest non-profit organizations in the world. In this difficult moment, Harvard faces a choice: it can either use its wealth in order to strengthen the community — students, faculty, and workers together — or allow greed and fear to divide and erode our institution of higher learning. We call upon Harvard in these times to act, not out of a logic of fear, but out of a logic of courage and creativity. Laying off workers should be an absolute last resort, not a quick solution.

We ask Harvard to comply with the following demands...
  1. We demand a meeting with the President, the Corporation, relevant University administrators, students, and staff in order to begin working together on creative and alternative solutions to layoffs.
  2. We demand that Harvard suspends layoffs and recall all workers, full-time and temporary, laid off due to budget cuts since October 2008.
  3. We demand that Harvard not reduce the hours of its workers putting them below a living wage.
  4. We demand that Harvard not ask its remaining workers to do an unsafe amount of additional work due to the hiring freeze.
  5. We demand that Harvard treat its workers with dignity and respect.

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