Monday, September 14, 2009

RALLY 9/16 4-6 p.m., 1350 Mass. Ave. Cambridge

Somewhere between 97 and 130 unionized clerical workers have been laid off in recent months at Harvard, not even counting term employees whose contracts weren't renewed. 35 Harvard custodians have lost their jobs. Hundreds of other administrative staffers and less-than-halftime employees have been let go. About 150 custodians suffered a 12.5% reduction in their already-low salaries, with no decrease in the amount of work they're expected to do! Hundreds of other workers have taken early-retirement buyouts, and their co-workers are frantically trying to pick up the slack, leading to speed-ups and overwork. Conditions for workers in dining halls are worse than ever.

HARVARD STILL HAS A $26 BILLION ENDOWMENT! The University has increased tuition, and just negotiated a lucrative merchandising deal. Harvard is snapping up millions of shares of investment funds. Let's demonstrate to put healthy pressure on Harvard not to lay off more workers, re-hire the laid-off employees, and stop the pay cuts! Please join union members, unorganized workers, students, faculty & neighborhood activists as we

Wednesday, September 16
Holyoke Center, 1350 Mass. Ave, Cambridge (next to Au Bon Pain, steps from Harvard T, flyer is attached)

Workers in SEIU local 615 will demonstrate at 4 p.m, clerical workers will appear at 5 p.m., both at 1350 Mass. Ave. We'll rally at least until 6 p.m.!

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