Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Poster for November 16 Action Supporting Johany Pilar! by Noah McKenna

Justice for Johany!

In February and March, Johany Pilar, member of the Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers (HUCTW), was sexually harassed on the job. When she reported the harassment, administrators forbade her from giving hugs at work, as if she were somehow to blame for being harassed. In May a manager insistently demanded she cancel an appointment she had scheduled to deal with the unwanted advances and aggressive physical contact she faced at work. In June another manager confronted Johany and threatened her with a “big, big problem.” This threat was fulfilled in September when Johany received an unfair disciplinary letter warning her she could be terminated. Johany never received any discipline in 15 years’ service at Harvard until she reported being harassed. After a rally in which two co-workers spoke publicly in support of Johany, all three were told they are now considered “essential staff,” meaning they are expected to report for work even in emergency conditions like the recent hurricane. One of the co-workers has diabetic foot disease and walks with braces, and Johany has a heart condition which management knows about. Being compelled to work in emergency weather could put them at physical risk. Don’t let management drive Johany from her job, punish her supporters and isolate her!

Friday November 16, 12 noon
Holyoke Center, 1350 Mass. Ave.

Labor donated.

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